Invest in Yourself

I have dedicated myself towards being the very best professional fitness trainer I can be, and to do so, it has required me to embark on an almost constant journey of learning. My commitment to developing my skills is evident in my numerous certifications and can be witnessed when talking to my clients about my intense focus on helping them achieve their goals.

One-to-One Personal Training

This is the core of what I do and I have success because our work together is based on a foundation of understanding your fitness and physical history and developing a very customized plan together where we both share a common vision and realistic approach. My clients are tremendously different: From older males intent on maintaining activities and flexibility to younger females focused on running a personal best marathon. I specialize in injury prevention and recovery and am adept at mitigating pain and managing the normal soreness that comes from putting in hard work.

“ I used to go to the gym
to “get skinny” but now I go because I love it and want to continue to get stronger. I love how strong I am and feel. It has brought out a confidence in myself that I never thought I could ever feel. I am in the best shape of my life and am continuing to run faster and stronger and I owe it all to Brandon.”
—Nicole Boudrow

My Services

Small Group Training

Ideal for groups of 2-4 with a collective focus on strength, speed, core stability or cardio. Small groups are excellent for shared motivation and competitive spirit.

Pain Relief

Most everyone experiences pain, either from an injury or from poor mechanics or over use. I am a licensed massage therapist and have experience in deep tissue work and manual therapies. The results speak for themselves.

Strength Training

Core stability is the cornerstone for just about every exercise, and without it, both small and large problems loom. Much of my work is centered on establishing and maintaining core strength and stability.

Post–Rehab Training

Sometimes the hardest road we travel together is the road back from an injury or surgery. It can be slow, frustrating and wrought with setbacks. Having come back from injuries, I understand the path and have deep experience taking the role of a trusted partner in this process.

Injury Prevention

Flexibility is key in staying in front of injury. Together, we will work on flexibility, stretching and most importantly, on establishing proper biomechanics. It can be tedious work, but for those that have suffered an injury in the past, the importance is critical.

Distance Running

I am a runner – pure and simple. I come from a family of runners and competed in high school and college. Next to training people, it is one of my true passions and a place where I can call upon my own successes and experience to help clients excel.